Microsoft Ending Technical Support for Windows 10 Mobile, Asks Users to Move to iOS & Android

Microsoft Ending Technical Support for Windows 10 Mobile, Asks Users to Move to iOS & Android

Microsoft has officially announced the end of the technical support for Windows 10 Mobile edition. With this move, Windows smartphones are going to die very soon. As the company will remove the support from Windows 10 Mobile edition, the smartphones will become vulnerable to the bugs and vulnerabilities. As the company has announced the End of Support by December 10th, 2019, the users are advised to migrate to another operating system like the iOS or the Android. On the FAQ page on the website of the company, the staff suggested the users to a new device powered with the iOS or Android operating system.

The last release of the Windows 10 Mobile edition was in 2017. From that time, the company hasn’t provided any of the further incremental updates to their smartphones, except the regular security updates. But after the official end of the support for Windows 10 Mobile, the phones won’t receive the security, and the phones will die eventually. The latest update was released in the October 2017 with the build number 1709. From that time, there is no update shared by the company to its users. Now with this decision, the support for all of the Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise users will end.

There is no shock to the existing users of the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone users. The Microsoft already explained in the tweet that they have no intention to keep their mobile operating system update. They are just focusing on the Security updates for now. With this tweet, it was clear that Microsoft is not willing to continue the incremental updates to the mobile operating system.

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